Unser Industrie V - 11. June 2011

Instinct Primal (Cz) - Massive Dark Ambient
♩ KraftKammer ♩ (Ger)- Monster Karaoke Performance
CD Kreisverband Friedrichshain (Ger) - Christian Democratic Unholds
Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim (Ger)- Psychoakustik Playgrounds
Mazakon Tactics (Ger) - Death Industrial Ambient
dissolvere (Ger) - Krautomatic Rituals
B.Tong (CH) - Drones & Tones
Grodock (Ger) - Ambient Noise Experimental
Praying For Oblivion (USA) - Noise / Experimental
THE ABJECT (Mex/Au) - Performance / Experimental Link 1 Link 2
DJ Foznhobel (Ger) - Gude Laune !

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